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  • Josh York
    Founder of York Project
    “York Project is a Social Streetwear company from Metro-Detroit founded in 2012, that focuses on giving back.”
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  • Alexa Jones
    CEO of TheraB Medical Products
    “The Hatch provided us our first opportunity to pitch our startup idea nationally, when we had previously only had local exposu...
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  • John Mohyi
    Founder of Mohyi Labs
    “Thanks for all your help over the past few years. I can confidently say my association with the Hatch has a lot to do with my ...
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  • Emily Allen
    Former Intern at The Hatch
    “Working at the Hatch gave me all of the skills I needed to start my career with Google— I learned how to quickly solve ambiguo...
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  • Aston Keys
    Founder of Ninety6
    “Ninety6 was built based upon the cultural impact that the year 1996 had on society and how pivotal that year was in defining w...
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  • Adam Wickersheimmer-Austad
    Founder of Icebreaker
    “I just have to thank you again for bringing me into the Hatch. I can tell it’s really hard to trust a young kid with low...
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  • Joe Johnson
    CEO/President of VADE Nutrition
    I was introduced to the Hatch during my Sophomore year because I was looking for help and resources for my entrepreneurial ideas. I r...
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