ineed is a more efficient marketplace. It is an application that recognizes consumer’s needs, and connects them with appropriate retail stores. Gone are the days of wandering store-to-store looking for a toothbrush while on vacation. With ineed, type in your product of choice, and you will receive the location, price, and distance of potential vendors near you. When you need something now, ineed is your best option. When it’s your anniversary and you desperately need those flowers that you forgot to buy, you’re not going to whip out your laptop and order them online. Instead, simply ask ineed to find the closest florist near you. So your wife isn’t content with your average dozen roses? No matter, ineed searches can be both broad and specific. Using company inventory, ineed knows what is on the market, and where you can get it, including those almond blossoms that your wife loves so much. First step: Price Range. What are you willing to pay? Second Step: Distance. How far are you willing to go? Third Step: Product: Type in any product you need. ineed will revolutionize the marketplace. In today’s global economy full of online purchases, we often forget about the spontaneous shopping you participate in every day. ineed will be there for the spontaneous purchases.