e’Verse Graphic Apparel represents “extended versatility,” inspired by the richness of Detroit culture & the tree of life. I, Darius Wilson who is founder believes in inevitable growth through the transcendence of fashion. I assembled e’Verse as my way of bridging the gap that separates the people in the city of Detroit. The gap I am referring to is what you call unity. I believe my designs will give the people a sense of pride to be proud of where they’re from. In order for the world to believe Detroit is a wonderful city, the people of the city has to do their job first by proving it to each other; it starts within. Throughout e’Verses’ vision, its main objective is to redirect the hatred as well as negative labeling toward the city of Detroit that has been instilled in the people of today but most importantly in our very own natives. By using our designs, we are not only uplifting, but also building confidence in people by shining light on what really makes this here city historical.