We are a premier student-led iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch repair company that prides ourselves in having the most convenient, affordable, and professional repair service around. Our prices are 50% of retailer cost, most to our advantage of not having to have a storefront. This office space for us will work as a central location for my business partner and I to meet to discuss marketing campaigns, a place to work on devices, or even a place for general meetings. We will not be bringing clients to the office, as our service focuses on giving students the convenience of never having to leave their dorm building to meet us (we meet them in the lobby of their dorms). Currently, we are working with a marketing team and we are customizing iPhones for some clients in order to get our word out. Various football players for the MSU football team have been in contact with us about customizations as well. We service about 5 – 10 iPhone repairs a week, but after this marketing campaign we are seeing it at least double or even triple. We hope you consider our business for The Hatch, as we are very excited to work with other entrepreneurs as well to see how they go about their industries. Thank you for your time. Regards, Albert.