Who We Are

The Hatch is designed as a co-working, incubator space for Michigan State University college students, which are prospective, creative, and innovative entrepreneurs ready to develop their business ideas. Hatch members share a common workspace on the third floor of 325 E. Grand River Avenue and receives support from consultants and opportunities for funding resources.

The mission of the Hatch Program is to generate and advance the culture of entrepreneurship in the community and to expand the knowledge-based economy in the market, focusing on student entrepreneurs.

Event Opportunities

Startup Weekend East Lansing
54 Hours of Awesomeness at East Lansing Startup Weekend. Join us every Fall and Winter, to get your ideas to companies in a quick weekend.

Burgess New Venture Challenge
Introducing the Burgess New Venture Challenge, bringing Michigan State University student entrepreneurs a new partnership and amplified investment.

The Hatchcast Podcast

Where we ramble on and on about all things entrepreneur

Our Big Fancy Blog

Where some of us like to write down all of our thoughts and beliefs to share with the world